Hot dogs and geocaches

I wouldn’t claim to be a connoisseur of fast food.  But still, for as long as I can remember, I’ve regarded a hotdog as being a sausage in a bread bun, with optional onions and sauces.  Yesterday I learned that a hot dog in New Zealand is a sossidge onna stick, battered.  Sauce is still an option though.

Excuse the phone camera picture.  Hardly looks appetising, but actually tastes better than most hot dogs.

Amongst my interests is an activity called geocaching, where GPS is used to find … caches.  These can range in size from the size of a pool cue tip, to an ammo tin of 2 litres or more.  Anyway, I’m using these as a motivation to explore my local area, and through the search for them I’ve found viewpoints, playparks and upteen forest parks.  Possibly the best find was a viewpoint accessed through a winding residential road, which had stunning views of Wellington harbour and the Hutt Valley.  It was late evening, and we watched the sun setting over the western hills.

Other finds have been more immediately local, such as this sculpture which doubles as a spring for untreated water from the Waiwhetu aquifier.  There are drinking fountains and taps for filling bottles- and there is a constant procession of people arriving, and taking litres of the stuff.  So far I’ve only filled a couple of small bottles, but it is nice water- crisp and sweet in taste.  I’d only paid attention to the location by virtue of a geocache hidden by it!

We have found other nice places without searching for caches, but finding walks suitable for a three year old is challenging.


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