New shoes & automobile

I’ve recently learnt the appeal of The Warehouse, the large discount store which seems to sell everything.  I popped in looking for some camping gear, and came out with a pair of trainers, a Pingu DVD and the Best of the Cardigans.  All for less than $70.  The trainers, a pair of Airwalks, were less than $40.  Sod paying $200 on the high street!  They also stock Reeboks and Converse at similar prices.  For comparison, NZ$1 is roughly 37p. 

I ended up coming back the next day for the camping gear…

We also bought a car yesterday.  We didn’t want to mess about getting finance, so bangernomics was the order of the day.  Eventually we settled on a 1994 Nissan Maxima, a type of car I hadn’t heard of before arriving in New Zealand.  It’s a saloon car the same sort of size as a Vauxhall Omega or Volvo S70, with a 3 litre engine, something that could be an advantage on the hills round here.  Like most of the cars on the roads down here, it’s an automatic, but our main consideration was to get a smooth runner at a low price, and beggars can’t be choosers.  We paid just over £800, and the car has a new Warrant of Fitness, so all’s dandy.  Our plan is just to run it into the ground or trade it in for a newer car if we decide to stay longer term.  Anyway, it’ll certainly do for now, as it’s comfortable and powerful.


One Response to “New shoes & automobile”

  1. butterflyspointofview Says:

    Fantastic car. Nissans are good cars. Have fun driving.

    What a fantastic exchange rate. $1=37p Wow. Makes me want to get on a plane for a shopping trip. LOL. Glad everything is going well for you guys over there.

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